Szkolenia na obsługę podestów ruchomych mateco

Training for the operation of working platforms, telescopic forklifts and industrial truck operators.

The mateco company is a valued training center on the market with extensive, long-term experience

Those who are familiar with the risks can avoid dangers. Almost 80% of the accidents that occur when using a working platform are caused by operating errors. A training course is therefore essential for avoiding accidents.

  • Fewer work-related accidents
  • Fulfilment of the duty of care
  • Faster, safer working conditions
  • Reduction of equipment malfunctions caused by incorrect operation
  • The Certifikate confirms that the operator has been trained to operate working platforms. This certificate increasingly decides on whether or not a company receives an order.

Multiply certified and tested safety

Preparation for the exam allows participants to gain practical knowledge about work platforms, telehandlers and forklifts and how to use them directly in work at height. After passing the state exam before the commission of UDT, TDT, WDT the trainee is authorized to operate work platforms. Each operator of work platforms must have these qualifications in accordance with current UDT and safety regulations.

It is possible to do a translation of the certificate in English. This document should help you get a job in the European Union on a working platform.

Multiply certified and tested safetyaward Lider Bezpieczeństwa Technicznego