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Matilsa trailer mounted

We are selling the trailer-mounted booms - Matilsa Parma

A specific benefit that trailer-mounted booms offer is that they can be easily and flexibly transported. The machines can be easily connected to and disconnected from the towing fitting of the vehicle and easily manoeuvred at the site as they are equipped with their own drive unit. Also, the platform can be lifted and lowered quickly. It can be towed by a wide range of vehicles and it is therefore not necessary to arrange for rather costly transport..

Mateco Podesty Ruchome Sp. z o.o. is a direct distributor in Poland of Trailer-Mounted Matilsa Parma. 

The full range of Matilsa's trailer mounted lifts can be found at: 

Types of trailer-mounted booms:

Parma 7working height  7,50 mflayer
Parma 9working height 9,50 mflayer
Parma 12working height 12,00 mflayer
Prma 12Tworking height 12,20 mflayer
Parma 15working height 15,00 mflayer
Parma 15Tworking height 15,00 mflayer
Parma 17working height 17,00 mfalyer
Battery, 230V mains or hybrid power supply

Matilsa Parma 12T



Matilsa Parma 12T, Trailer-Mounted, designed for installation work