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Haulotte work platforms

New Haulotte platforms for sale

We are a distributor of Haulotte work platforms.

We sell new work platforms from the renowned Haulotte company. Our company provides service, parts sales and support for Haulotte work platforms.


+48 506 191 381
+48 32 32 32 037

Download Haulotte's informational brochure:

Choose a category of smoyer lift from the available new models for sale:

Scissor platforms Haulotte

 Load Capacity (kg)Working Height (m)Drive
Compact 8 N3508electric
Optimium 82308electric
Compact 1045010electric
Compact 10 N25010electric
Compact 10 DX56510diesel
Compact 1232011,75electric
Compact 12 DX45012diesel
Compact 1432014electric
HS15 E75015electric PULSEO
HS15 E PRO75015electric PULSEO
HS18 E75018electric PULSEO
HS18 E PRO75018electric PULSEO

Articulating boom working platforms Haulotte

 Load Capacity (kg)Working Height (m)Drive
HA12 CJ25012electric
HA12 CJ+23012electric
HA12 IP23012electric
HA16 E30016electric PULSEO
HA16 E PRO30016electric PULSEO
HA16 RTJ23016diesel
HA16 RTJ O23016diesel
HA16 RTJ PRO23016diesel
SIGMA 1623016electric
SIGMA 16 PRO23016electric
HA20 LE25020electric PULSEO
HA20 LE PRO25020electric PULSEO
HA20 RTJ25020diesel
HA20 RTJ PRO25020diesel
HA26 RTJ PRO25026diesel
HA32 RTJ PRO25032diesel
HA41 RTJ PRO23041diesel

Telescopic working platforms Haulotte

 Load Capacity (kg)Working Height (m)Drive
HT16 RTJ PRO25016,1diesel
HT23 RTJ O23023diesel
HT23 RTJ PRO23023diesel
HT28 RTJ PRO23028diesel
HT43 RTJ PRO23043diesel

Telescopic mast working platforms Haulotte

 Load Capacity (kg)Working Height (m)Drive
Star 62305,8electric
Star 6 CRAWLER2005,8electric
Star 6 picking2105,8electric
Star 8 S2008electric
Star 1020010electric

Low-level access Haulotte

 Load Capacity (kg)Working Height (m)Drive
Move Up 4,61594,59electric
Move Up 5,61595,6electric
Swift Up 3,82403,8electric
Swift Up 4,5240  4,5electric
Swift Up 4,5 SP2404,5electric

Push-Arounds Haulotte

 Load Capacity (kg)Working Height (m)Drive
Quick Up 81598electric
Quick Up 91599electric
Quick Up 1115911electric
Quick Up 1213612electric
Quick Up 1413614electric