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Forklift trucks 

They keep internal goods handling and transport running. Equipped with either Diesel or electric drive, the forklifts are used both outdoors and indoors. Load capacities of up to 8,000 kg are not uncommon, and special lifting heights of up to 12.40 m (on request) can also be achieved. For special applications, low-marking tires are available.

Forklifts are an important help in warehouses and production halls and make your work as easy as possible.They keep the in-plant handling and transport of goods running. Equipped with a internal combustion engine or electric motor, the forklifts are used both outdoors and indoors. For special applications there are, for example, tyres that produce minimal marking.

Rent forklifts from mateco

Type Working Height Manufacturer Type Load Capacity Transport dimensions
maxmax Length Width Height Weight
RX 60-50/600 5.08 m STILLRX 60-50/600/elektr. 4990 kg 4.22 m 1.4 m 2.6 m 7768 kg PDF
8FG50F 5.00 m TOYOTA8FG50F/LPG 4100 kg 3.17 m 1.45 m 2.45 m 7970 kg PDF
RX 60-30 4.59 m STILLRX 60-30/elektr. 3000 kg 3.43 m 1.2 m 2.17 m 5040 kg PDF
RX 20-20P 4.78 m STILLRX 20-20P/elektr. 2000 kg 2.85 m 1.15 m 2.16 m 3449 kg PDF
02-8FGF30 4.70 m TOYOTA02-8FGF30/LPG 3000 kg 2.78 m 1.24 m 3 m 4210 kg PDF

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